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Sammy Pugh Owner and Operator


Sammy grew up on the New River and has fished these waters for nearly 20 years.  When he’s not guiding folks down the New River, he’s fishing it.  Fishing and the outdoors have always been Sammy’s passion; so much so that he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from West Virginia University.

Troy Stiffler Owner and Operator


When I’m not guiding, I’m fishing! I will always go the extra mile to make your trip a great memory regardless of weather or fishing conditions. In my knowledge of fishing the New River, I understand that it is crucial to stay in tune with fishing patterns in order to provide my customers with the very best opportunity to have an exceptional fishing experience. Expertise and a rewarding fishing experience is exactly what New River Trophy Outfitters has to offer you.


Charlie aka "The Goat"- Born in Beckley in the '60s and grew up fishing these local creeks for trout as a kid. Starting fishing the river when I was introduced to the black and white Rapala and discovered smallmouth bass.  I've been hooked ever since!

I started my guiding career in 1997 and still have repeat customers from that first year.  The New River has changed over the years along with the types of fish we catch today.  Early in my trips, smallmouth and rock bass were always your dominant fish, with an occasional Kentucky spot as a catch.  Today we catch those right along with walleye and musky of all sizes.  


Brian A. - One of the best of the best!  Brian's motto is "let's rip some lips 24/7" and that's how he lives life with his trusty black lab by his side 

Brian S. - Brian has grown up hunting and fishing every nook and cranny in WV. A current law enforcement professional, he is one of our newest weekend warriors.  


Tristan - Our youngest guide, Tristan, has grown up on the New River.  Tristan was fishing at 8 years old, kayaking solo at 11, and guiding his dad and friends at 16.   

Future Guide in Training

Tripp is learning every day and can't wait to take you fishing in 5 years!

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